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For many Trip´s lovers, we have in mind that you would like to travel more often and to know new places. More than liking them, we know that it becomes a necessity; meet new people, listen to other languages ​​and be able to learn from new cultures, in order to live new experiences. Well we inform you that there are several professions or hobbies (this depends on what you like), to travel while you work, without having to cling to a specific time and make sense of your life.

Here we leave our first 10 options:

  1. Tour guides

This option depends on where you are living, but believe us, that there are always new people in the places that need someone who guide them or at least advice on how to take advantage of their stay. For example, if you live in an old city; learn the stories of its city, the pride of its people and live it as if they were yours. Then it will be a question of offering your services to tourists. In fact, there are many companies dedicated to finding tourist guides to provide their services. Another example would be, if you live in the mountain you can become a mountaineering guide.

  1. Au Pair

Would you like to know a country in the most authentic and real way possible? Learning the language and culture by living with a host family, making friends with life and, at the same time, differentiating your curriculum from the rest?

Go as the pair abroad! If you have the relevant age to perform this service, it is a type that needs to be in a place with the comforts that a house and a family offers and above all what you want, you can learn the languages, do not think about it, this option can serve you, work as a caregiver for children.

  1. “Stewardess” and “flight attendant”

Needless to say, they spend half their lives here and there depending on the destination with which you can get to know one or other places and depending also on the company you can spend more or less time in that destination.

  1. Writter/ Blogger

In most cases, it may seem that we have to be an adventure and travel writer to be able to carry out this job while we are abroad, but that is not the case.

Currently, no matter your profession or origin, you can write what you want and if you specialize in a subject, you can be sub contracted for a company to generate content.

  1. Photographer

The idea of ​​living traveling with our camera in hand, takes away the sleep of many, they hope to do it someday. Since we were little we have looked at the pages of National Geographic dreaming and trying to imagine the adventures that those photographers and explorers that have shown their experiences will have lived.

Fortunately we live in a time when I think it’s easier to get it. The Internet is a profitable source of income, with much effort, but profitable. If we add to this the work of a photographer, there are more possibilities to make it a reality.

  1. Cruicers

Cruises are a great source of job opportunities and you can also be sailing a boat from one place to another.

It is one of the best jobs if you like to travel. Earning a salary while traveling the world? Working on board a cruise ship is something different from the other jobs that allow you to travel, a job where the sea is always present and a new port awaits you on each journey.

  1. Travel agency

Being a travel agent does not give you the ability to be traveling from one place to another constantly but it is true that many agencies give you travel, cruises, hotel nights and others for your future promotion, so you will have to try it yourself before putting it on sale, cool, no? Who would not like a cruise for the face?

  1. Work in Hostels

Working in a Hostel comes in handy when we are traveling and we need to stop along the way because we do not have a lot of money or we will spend some time in that place or when we decide to go abroad to look for a job, so we can save little while we find what we want.

The jobs in the hostel are voluntary, do not expect to charge for it, very few will pay for it. One of the good things about this type of service is that there are no contracts in between, which becomes an advantage in countries where it is necessary to have a visa to work.

  1. Translator  e Interpreter

In a globalized world like the one we live in, knowing languages ​​opens the doors to everyone, wherever we go they will need an interpreter or translator. Look carefully at the opportunities that the place gives you to develop this type of tasks, if not, you can always offer your services as a freelance or online.

A curious fact, government agencies are a good place to start looking for employment in interpretation and translation. Other options are organizations, hospitals and large companies.

  1. Import / Export business

Another is to work for a company already established import and export, but for this, in most cases you will need a good title added to the necessary languages ​​to negotiate in that place.

Another possibility is to start your own business wherever you go.


Undoubtedly, what we should have in mind, is to WANT IS POWER and if we want something we will get it, you just have to have desire, energy and a little initiative to get it.


Source of information https://trabajarporelmundo.org/


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