About Us

FLIGHTTU is global flights comparator with an immense database from different webs that’s wants to provide to any users, all information they need to make the best decision according to their search criteria. FLIGHTTU do not offer you just a flight comparator, but also the best options for hotels booking all around the world, as well car rent and other tourism services to make the organization of your trip the least of your worries. Then you can spend your energy in enjoying the experience that begins once you take the initiative to get out of the routine.

FLIGHTTU born by two young entrepreneurs that truly believe on the technology power and the potential that we can get from it. Supporting blindfolded every technological advance of our era.

It is time to stop doing the usual, because that is what we learned and what we had to.  It’s time to live the adventure of our life.

We are established in Männimäe, Pudisoo küla, kuusalu vald, harju maakond, 74626 Tallin, Estonia.


  • First Class Flights
  • 5 Star Accommodations
  • Inclusive Packages
  • Latest Model Vehicles
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • World Class Service
  • Handpicked Hotels
  • Accesibility managment
  • Thousands flights price all around the world
  • Compare flights, hotels, cars and cruisers to get the best one