FAQ #1


How we work in flighttu?

When you search for a flight, hotel, car or other offers related to FLIGHTTU trips, you make instant searches on hundreds of travel websites; From the main booking sites to the sites of individual companies We collect the results and show you the prices available online.

FLIGHTTU only earns money when a complete reservation is made on the website to which it has been redirected or based on clicks, which receives a reference rate. The websites associated with the pay pay this reference rate; we do not charge fees or commissions.

We also earn money with the ads we show on our website. When a mom’s user clicks on one of the ads and redirects it to the advertiser’s website, or even only when we show the ads, we receive money from our advertiser customers.

How do you see the results?

Price: FLIGHTTU is a metasearch site that helps you find the cheapest flights, regardless of the commercial agreements we may have with our partners.

When you search for hotels or rental cars you can filter the results by “Price” and these will appear ordered from lowest to highest price.

The cheapest flights are usually those with the highest number of stopovers. It may take you longer to reach your destination, but is not the path part of the adventure?

Other filters  

When looking for a flight, hotel or car you have the possibility to apply other filters such as: departure time, class, number of stars, hotel chain, hotel name, rental agency, distance, recommendations, etc.

What´s on the price we show you

We do our best to include all taxes and mandatory fees (charges that cannot be excluded) at the prices we show. Sometimes, the supplier does not tell us all the rates or there are technical problems that make the prices shown are not exact. Therefore, we advise you to check the final price on the booking page. Our team works every day to show the most transparent and updated prices.

If you have any questions related to what the prices include, contact directly with the airline or provider with which you have booked or plan to book. Do not hesitate to let us know if you find an error in our estimate of the additional charges.

How often the price change

The prices of airlines and online travel agencies can be updated several times a day and availability varies constantly. Since we do not set prices, we cannot guarantee the prices of airlines, hotels and travel agencies.

We strive to make sure that the prices that appear on FLIGHTTU are accurate and up-to-date, but prices can change constantly with availability. Occasionally there may be problems with the prices sent to us by the suppliers (hotel, airline or agency) or there may be technical problems that make the price shown incorrect. If you think there is a problem with a price that you found during your search, do not hesitate to contact us using the form.

Do you publish all available results?

We strive to offer you an exhaustive list of all the offers available at the time of your search and, although we believe it is quite complete, there are some offers that we do not have access to and other offers that we decided to discard due to the low quality.

Do we sell something?

No, FLIGHTTU does not sell flights and we do not make reservations on our website. You can reserve / buy your flight, hotel and vehicle on the page of the agency, company or airline to which we have redirected you from our results.

Who should i contact if i have a question about my reservation?

If you experience problems with a reservation or want to change it, you should contact the company with which you made the reservation. In case of doubt, you can find out by looking at the confirmation email you received from the company in question.

Questions about car rentals should always be directed to the phone number or email address you find on your booking confirmation.

We only show suppliers that we trust and with whom we have regular contact to ensure that they adhere to our expectations.

Things to check before book

Before clicking on the “buy button” on the page to which we have redirected you, you should check (always) that the following information is correct:

Travel dates (s)

Departure and arrival airports

Number of passengers

Names of passengers


Telephone number

How to manage results?

In the left part of each result we will show you a certain amount of filters where you can refine your results and help you choose your best option.

Always keep in mind that it is the most feasible and precise way if you are looking for something specific.

How do i list more baggage?

Since you finalize the flight booking in the pages of our suppliers, from the same you can add any additional service that you wish to add to your adventure.

How do i add more rooms?

Using our interface, you can add the number of people that will be inside the reserve, with which we will give you a result based on this amount.

If you still want to modify it, once you are redirected to the third party page you can add or decrease the number of rooms or people that will be in the stay.

How do i add the specification for the car i would like?

Using the filters on the right you will have all our options available to rent your car, with the largest companies in the sector. If you still want more, you can call the agencies where they will give you the car and ask for delivery times and other …

FAQ #2


I don´t find my answer yet

Don´t you have an answer for your question yet in our list above? Always feel in confidence with us to ask what you need, we will try to answer you as soon as possible. Fill in the form in the (contact us) tab and we will respond as soon as possible.

Which email should i use ?

We always have at your disposal our team willing to help you. If your question is about our functioning as a page, please write to us at support@flighttu.com

If you want to know more about our trips and adventures that we have prepared, or simply want us to add a function that you think will make your search simpler and complete, please write to info@flighttu.com

We are eager to hear you.