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Bern its switzerland´s federal city, its one of oldest city that you can find in Europe, was founded after Verona Italy.

Ranked among the world’s top ten cities for the best quality of life (2010).

If you go to switzerland, you must include this city to the top five to visit.  This city its german speakers part but its really easy to find a mixed of culture and languages.

You must also take in Bern’s world heritage status Old Town, with its cobbled streets, arcades and fountains, and cross the turquoise River Aare to see four bears in Bern’s Bear Park (Barenpark).

Those looking for culture will find it in Bern’s Fine Arts Museum (Kunstmuseum), the Historical Museum of Bern, the Albert Einstein Museum (dedicated to Bern’s most famous resident) and the Natural History Museum.

Other must-see attractions are Bern’s Cathedral (Bernmunster), and Bern’s Rose Garden (Rosengarten). Bern also offers top hotels, high-class cuisine and shopping, and a number of famous festivals, such as the Gurtenfestival and Bern Jazz Festival.

Don’t miss the numerous public fountains found at regular intervals in the middle of the street, dating from the 16th century and crowned with statues representing biblical scenes or concepts such as justice.

And the Clock Tower (or Zytglogge), dating from 1220, is one of Bern’s iconic symbols.  Found above the Old Town’s western gate tower, this 75-foot structure displays a large astronomical clock made between 1527-1530.

Walking through its streets will make you relive years of history with a dreamlike landscape. Do not wait, Switzerland has enough to offer.

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