Top things to do in Miami

Icon August 30, 2018
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This summer our team and us, taked a short vacation in miami, to enjoy one of the must iconic beaches oIn the world, and by short i mean, less than 3 days.  If you ask me, what can i did on that time. Let me tell you, that was enough. So basing on our experience, here it is our top 5 places to visit.

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  1. Visit the iconic Miami Beach

Miami Beach is the best area in Miami for soaking up some rays on a sandy beach and it is something of a legend in the city.

The beach itself technically outside of the Miami municipality as it is located on an island. Aside from the beaches, the area is also known for its Art Deco district and the odd but beautiful buildings within.

2. Explore Jungle Island

Jungle Island is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Miami.

It is located on Watson Island and was formerly known as Parrot Jungle and even had Winston Churchill visit in 1946.

The Jungle is only minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami.

3. Bayside Marketplace

Hosting over 150 specialty and tourist shops, cafes and restaurants, Bayside Market place has it all.

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4. Soak up the Cuban Flavor at Little Havana

Well recognized for its cultural flavor, Little Havana offers a great deal of entertainment from open air social areas to its many restaurants and specialty food shops.

With non stop lively Latin music drifting through the air and street art depicting important Cuban figures you will feel completely immersed in the distinctive cultural atmosphere.

5. Explore Croc ridden swamplands at the Everglades National Park

Just a short drive from Miami, The Everglades National Park covers 1.5 million acres of swamp lands home to alligators, snakes, crocodiles and a whole host of birds.

As well as walking trails and boardwalks to for wildlife viewing, one of the most exciting way to see the everglades is aboard a high speed airboat! T

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